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Mariazeller Bürgeralpe

The mountain which is attractive in every season
With outstanding Styr ski slope division
With Austrian summer award

The Mariazeller Bürgeralpe’s many offer
In the winters a fantastic family ski territory, with modern elevators, lifts. In the summers an ideal recreational opportunity for hikers, breathtaking view on the neighboring mountains and the “Lumberjack Adventure Park” cannot be missed out on the mountain top.
But watch it with Your own eyes!

Mariazeller Schwebebahnen GmbH
Wienerstraße 26
A-8630 Mariazell
Tel.: +43 3882 2555
Fax: +43 3882 2555 15


On Mariazell’s two ski territories there is a wide choice: skiing, carving, snowboarding and hiking are possible. The modern elevators transport the guests to the well-maintained ski slopes. The snow cannons provide the snow from December till March. Between the two mountains a free of charge snow bus goes.


On the Mariazeller Bürgeralpe (868-1267m) the new panoramic cabin hanging railway, the two 4 seated sitting lifts, the two grapnel lifts transport the skiers to the ski slopes.
You can teach your children skiing, the students can have a great school trip, or the friends can try their new carving skis. A sledge slope and a fun park, which was designed for the snowboarders, make the offer full.
In the Hotel Goldene Krone’s restaurant, which is located in the main square, Hungarian guests can find their most loved food on the Hungarian meal menu. In the Mariazeller Land winter has many sides. More than 70 km ski running track invites the hobby or the active ski runners to discover the surroundings in their skis. The ski tracks quality is guaranteed with the Styr ski running track award. For those who want the sledge as their transport method when coming down from the mountain, will love the Mariazeller Bürgeralpe’s sledge slope.
The Mariazeller Land offers many walking and hiking roads in the summer, and also many sports and leisure activities for the mountain bikers with many diverse hiker roads. The Alpentour Austria Styr bicycle road diverges from here and goes down to Vienna and crosses the Romantiktour road.
Gliders and Para gliders can conquer the clouds and feel the boundless freedom.

Baths and water sports
The ones who love bathing can find their calculations in the pure Erlaufsee and in the free beach of Mitterbach and in the Mariazell public baths. The divers can discover the lakes, the kayakers and the ones who love rafting can face the Salza currents. The anglers can catch some fishes in the Erlaufsee, in the Erlauf reservoir, in the Walster, in the Hubertus reservoir and the adventures Salza.

A popular tripping and hiking place is Mariazell Bürgeralpe’s “Lumberjack Adventure Park” and the Gemeindalpe Mitterbachban. Both mountaintops can be approached by brand new lifts.
The ones who look for a nostalgic train can find their calculations in the Mariazeller Land:  The Mariazell train is a romantic narrow track line, which goes from St. Pölten to Mariazell, and the Mariazell Museum Tram, which goes to the Erlaufsee, and it transmits the atmosphere of the last century’s railway transportation.
Mariazell’s traditional advent celebrating.
Who believe that Christmas is ostentatious and is not really full of emotions should come to Mariazell to find the hidden treasure again. Mariazell, the town, which is the center of pilgrims and those people who want some recreation for their mind, can find a different mood in the advent period. In front of the enormous basilica is the advent fair’s center, where anyone can buy Styr goods from the sellers.
The attractions are the followings: the world’s biggest advent wreath, the 5 meter high 1000 kg weight gingerbread house, the living Mariazell manger which have oxen and donkeys in it, the Mariazell advent calendar, the Mariazell train and the Mariazell Angel’s Post Office.












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